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Services You Recieve

  • Exclusive Detailed Report of all Staging Needs
  • Hands-on Staging, Accessorizing & Arranging
  • Incorporation of any rental or leasing furniture required to Stage home
  • Special Open House Event Coordination

  • All Limelight Home Staging Services

  • Staging Consultations (We prepare an Exclusive Detailed Report detailing all aspects of interior and exterior Staging needs.)
  • Staging: Resale, New Construction, Vacant Homes, Occupied Homes, Senior Living and Relocation (We provide hands-on Staging Services as needed in order to implement Staging recommendations.)
  • Retail Store Staging
  • New Homeowner Move-In Staging
  • Staging to Live (We work with you to refresh your home.)
  • Staging to Work: Offices, Hospitals, Associations, etc. (We help to transform your workspace into an area that is both functional and enjoyable.)
  • Event Staging: Parties, Receptions, Weddings, Open Houses, Charities and Associations
  • Holiday Staging
  • Personal Shopping Service
  • Limelight Home Staging has a Large Inventory of Furniture and Decor available for rent at reasonable prices. We offer pro-rated prices and discounts after the first 30-days of installation.
    We will work with your budget to provide the best Staging solution for your needs!

    Limelight Company Goals:

  • To strive to be a dedicated staging professional who has the ability to understand client needs and realize client goals in an efficient, effective and personal manner.
  • To strive to have a winning attitude and a desire to use my character, commitment to excellence, and skill set to help any client that hires me.
  • To help the less fortunate in Santa Cruz County through donating 10% of all my profits to a worthy non-profit organization that provides help for single parents and food for low income families.
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